Frequently Asked Questions about Drones & Aerial Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

The topic of drones can open up endless questions and it can be a very confusing world! I’ll attempt to answer some common questions below, but if I’ve missed anything, just contact me and I will help you out.


  • What is aerial photography?

    Any photo or video shot from the air! In the past, most aerial photography was done from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft. Now our drones can achieve similar or better results at a much cheaper cost!

  • What is a drone?

    The term drone is widely used to describe unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Many drones have cameras, which allow you to see things from the drone’s perspective. 

  • I have a drone, why should I pay you?

    If you have the equipment and are legally permitted to fly the mission, then, by all means, do it yourself. It’s fun and rewarding! Just be aware of the local regulations and fly responsibly.

    However, currently in the UK, you need clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority and insurance if you fly a drone for commercial gain. If you don’t want to pay for all the CAA requirements, then book me instead! I have insurance and all the necessary training and certificates. Simple as that!

  • I’m a drone pilot. Can I work with you?

    Absolutely! I would love to hear from you. I often am either booked out or too far away to take a certain contract. I will keep your details on file in case a customer requests something I cannot do and will pass them on to you. Send me an email and say hello!

    Check out the White Label page if you require an experienced drone pilot for one of your operations.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes! I have a £1million Public Liability Insurance policy covering aerial operations.